Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Congressjerk Introduces Bill to Make 9/11 girder cross a "National Memorial"

Church-State Separation? What
kind of commie plot is that?
Disappointingly but unsurprisingly, clueless militant Catholic NY Tea Party Republican and US House Member Michael Grimm launched a House bill this week to make the 9/11 Memorial Cross a "National Memorial".

This, of course, is the same strategy that Congress pulled in 2006 in an attempt to derail the appellate court rulings on the Mt. Soledad "War Memorial" cross in San Diego. That strategy eventually failed, as the courts have since upheld the rulings despite the change in ownership. But it did have the effect of dragging out the issue (yet again) and further raising the costs of receiving justice in the matter.

Didn't they read the Constitution out loud the first day of their 2011 session?  Tea Party Republican Rep. Grimm seems to be all favor getting government out of our lives, except when it comes to imposing his own religious beliefs on the rest of us. Can you say "hypocrite"?


  1. As a Christian, I also believe in equality for all. Instead of trying to stop the cross from being included, why do you athesists not ask (equally) to have something included which stands for what you believe? Is this not equality, rather than ban entirely what anyone (who has equal rights)wishes to have included? Think about it!!!

  2. It seems they have, if you visit this page it outlines an alternative to removing the cross which is to allow american atheists to pay for their own memorial of equal size and put it in the museum. Not very likely that's going to happen. That's why the solution is to keep church and state separate.

    The big cross doesn't need to be there, it's just rubble. It could probably be there if there weren't loads people clamouring to attach a divisive and exclusive stigma onto it, because of those people we'd be better off with any other piece of rubble instead.

  3. Nate:

    You're wasting your time attempting to use a logical argument against a zealot like P.P. This obviously did not even read the basic article articulating the AA position of removing the symbol or having a symbol representing free thought place with the cross. Stop wasting your time. It is obvious that P.P. has been indoctrinated since childhood in the abusive mind-think of the religious dogmas they follow.